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Fireplace Installation

Refinish or Add a Fireplace to Your Kenosha Home

Whether your home has an old, outdated-looking fireplace, a completely non-functional fireplace, or no fireplace at all, K.C. Masonry can help you get the fireplace of your dreams. K.C. Masonry is highly skilled at all things masonry-related and fireplaces are no exception. A beautiful, new fireplace will not only add character and beauty to your home, but also increase your home's value. We will work with you to make sure your new or refinished fireplace exceeds all your expectations.

We work with all types of material, including stone, cultured stone, brick, and more. If you want it, we can get it! Our installation process is managed efficiently and quickly and we keep you updated throughout it to make sure you will be pleased with the result.

Our quality of work is second to none and we make every possible effort to make sure our clients are happy. Don't be "hearth-less" anymore...come to K.C. Masonry for all your Kenosha-area fireplace repairs and additions!

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