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Stucco Repair and Installation

Protect Your Kenosha Home with Stucco from K.C Masonry

Stucco is used as a guard against moisture getting into the underlying materials on a house or other building. When installed properly, it can provide up to a hundred years of rock-solid protection against the elements. At K.C. Masonry, we use the highest quality stucco and adhere to the strictest industry standards for installing it. When installed by K.C. Masonry, stucco will not only make the exterior of your home beautiful but also protect it from water and wear.

Stucco Installation

At K.C. Masonry, we begin by prepping the surface to make sure the stucco will bond to it completely. We then apply the base coat and finish coat with the uttermost skill and care. Our stucco installation is designed to last a lifetime and more.

Stucco Repair

If your stucco is showing signs of blistering or cracking, it's time to get it repaired before damage is caused to your home. With K.C. Masonry's stucco repair service, we remove any peeling, cracked, or otherwise damaged stucco and patch it with fresh stucco. When we're done your stucco will be good as new!

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