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Repair the Masonry in Your Kenosha Home with Tuck-Pointing

Chimneys, fireplaces, and other masonry can be beautiful and functional features of your home. Masonry work does have a limited lifespan, however, especially in the ever-changing weather of Wisconsin. The first thing that will go bad in your chimney or other masonry is the mortar joints. Over time, moisture will seep into the joints and weaken the mortar, which will affect the structural integrity and aesthetics of your masonry.

When your mortar starts showing signs of degradation or wear, the most practical solution is to repair it with K.C. Masonry's tuck-pointing service. The process of tuck-pointing involves removing the damaged mortar from the masonry joints and replacing it with fresh mortar.

K.C. Masonry's tuck-pointing service will not only fix the structural stability of your chimney or other masonry, but also extend its life for many more years by preventing water from entering the joints between the bricks or stone.

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